Warkworth Town Centre Upgrade

Warkworth Town Centre Upgrade Stage 1

The first stage of this high-profile upgrade of Warkworth’s town centre needed to be completed before a significant community celebration: the 40th annual Kowhai Festival in October 2009. This Rodney District Council project involved the complete refurbishment of approximately 180 metres of Warkworth’s historic Queen Street, located less than 100 metres from the picturesque Mahurangi River. 

The challenge

The Rodney District Council set an absolute project completion deadline of 25th September 2009, to enable the Warkworth community to enjoy and celebrate the upgraded streetscape during the 40th annual Kowhai Festival in October. The council and the local community had high expectations and were looking to our company to do a great job within the tight timeframe, with no interruption to business and little inconvenience to the public.

The solution

Wharehine managed this project to within an inch of its life. They committed every level of it’s management and technical expertise, experience and resources to ensure a great result for the client and the community. In practical terms, this meant sometimes working very long hours and through the night to meet the deadline and to minimise the negative impact of work-in-progress on business owners, local people, tourists and motorists.

The result

Wharehine Construction completed the project ahead of the deadline – and to a higher-than-expected performance standard. 

At a special Rodney District Council function held at the end of September to mark the successful completion of the project, Councillor Dave Parker commented on our enthusiasm as well as our management and communication skills. “Through the upheaval in the Warkworth Main Street, your workers showed consideration and courtesy to those shopkeepers and members of the public who were naturally inconvenienced throughout the project...”

“A target was set to have the project completed pre-Kowhai Festival and that you have done. You can be justly proud of your team.”

Dave Parker, Councillor Rodney District Council

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