Road Aggregates

Wharehine Quarries road aggregates are used for creating a variety of roading projects including major highways, rural roads, township roads, subdivision roads, farm tracks, forestry roading, and railway pavements. Wharehine carries the following roading aggregates:

  • Asphalt/Sealing Aggregates

    High-quality sealing chip from premium quality rock in Grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with rated polish stone values (PSV).

  • Basecourse

    - Premium basecourse materials for use in heavy traffic loads/use
    such as roads and highways: PAP 40 (TNZ M/4)
    - General basecourse materials for light-traffic load applications such as entranceways and driveways: GAP 30, GAP 40.

  • Sub-Basecourse

    Bigger aggregates used below the basecourse: Includes GAP 65, PAP 65 (TNZ AUS2) and others.

  • Sub-grade Improvement

    Improves weak sub-grades and acts as a natural foundation: Includes AP70, AP100 and AP150.

  • Railway Ballast

    Specially produced material specifically for railway construction.

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